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 Sichen Grace Chen

Langley City Spring Banners - “Flourish”

Both banners demonstrate the exuberant multiculturalism and local activities in Langley City through vibrant colours and bold illustrations. I sought to weave aspects of healthy living, arts, culture, and recreation together to show the inclusivity and abundance of city activities and events. Throughout both designs, the variety of flowers not only represents the individuals in our diverse community but also pays homage to the types of flowers grown in our city during Spring. Flowers symbolize new beginnings, personal growth, and connections.

Upon further examination, the left banner intertwines elements of Langley City’s creative hub, referencing the many music and art festivals that occur at the beginning of Spring on. Meanwhile, the right banner promotes healthy and active lifestyles in the city through the inspiration of the city’s bike lanes, parks, and local gatherings.

Both designs feature hand-lettering (“Langley” and “City”) to present a jubilant and welcoming energy for the new year, and the visitors and residents of Langley City. My intent behind creating a bold yet welcoming illustration was to ensure that any passerby would feel at ease and gain an understanding of the community culture in Langley City.