Enneagram Trees

Enneagram Trees

An illustrated series depicting the nine personality types found in the Enneagram
through the motif and symbolism of trees (ballpoint pen on paper).

The Enneagram is a personality type system consisting of 9 distinct personality types
characterized by the patterns in how one interacts and interprets the world around them,
and how one regulates one’s emotions. The Enneagram maps out the 9 types in a 9-pointed
system which illustrates the interconnections between all the types. Usually formed during 
childhood experiences, the Enneagram system can be used as a blueprint for persona growth
and reflection, and help understand one’s loved ones.

Type One – The Reformer

A tree doing what a tree does best, perfect at a glance, yet asymmetrical.

Type Two – The Giver

An abundant presence through the seasons; a collection of years to cherish and remember.

Type Three – The Achiever

Fixate on this great part of me and I’ll show you what I want you to see…

Type Four – The Individualist

 From object to life, suddenly we feel the tremors of the earth and taste the shadows of a curse.

Type Five – The Investigator

A lot to offer, a lot to discover, just a few layers away.

Type Six - The Loyalist

In a network of shadows, let’s sit together.

Type Seven – The Enthusiast

Never-ending play as life reacts to life.

Type Eight – The Challenger

It would be an honour to protect you.

Type Nine – The Peacemaker

Sometimes, I am what you need me to be; other times, I am defying physicality

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