Persian Rug Editorial Illustration
Spot illustration for Brown Political Review's Spring 2021 Issue about an article concerning bridging the gap, through technology, between the Persian rug artistry and its workers and their value in the industry.
Little Red
Spot illustration of Little Red Riding Hood
Out of the Blue Sea
Illustration of the long-distance connections created by the COVID-19 pandemic. (Created with Neocolor and reworked in Photoshop) Longing and loneliness are quiet feelings, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As an international student, sometimes it feels as though the current circumstances have heightened the differences between my friends and me. Though, I'd also like to believe that my new long-distance connections have created something stronger.
Making a smoothie in Blender
Sequential images of a low-poly smoothie making process. Renders completed through Blender.
Peter and the Wolf
Full illustrations depicting the musical composition and story, "Peter and the Wolf," by Sergei Prokofiev, to be accompanied by Storytime Quintet's musical performance. Each illustration is 9"x12" and traditionally painted with ink, watercolour, and gouache, and then worked on in Adobe Photoshop. A collaborative project with Storytime Quintet (
7 Virtues: Birds
1. Humble chickadees seen from my front yard 2. Diligent MacGregor's bowerbird in Netflix's Dancing with the Birds 3. Patient seagulls from Fisherman's Wharf 4. A New York pigeon practicing temperance 5. A kind American robin sharing with a sibling 6. A red cardinal eating from the bird feeder I made as a charitable second grader. 7. Chaste swans from the Providence river
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